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Will the Trump Effect Go Beyond America?

America prayed......God answered 

Donald J Trump is the 45th president of the United States and his campaign was simply stated around a fantastic goal -- MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

The "Trump Effect" is simple to define. People finally understand the evils of globalism and have decided to fight and they decided they wanted Donald Trump to lead them in this war against globalism which is the evil enemy of freedom. 

Americans have always been willing to fight to preserve the freedoms of the most powerful and greatest nation that the world has ever seen. President Trump is the leader of a new American fight that is a MUST WIN for freedom. It is a MUST WIN in order for America to be great again! 

The Globalist agenda is supported by the United Nations and the Democrat Party who have some insane notion that there should be no national borders, and actually no individual nations at all -- there only needs to be a Global State under One Government. Like the Islamic Sharia Law, this is a direct threat to the United States and its Constitution and to all western democracies. 

Conservative Patriots and freedom loving people in America, Canada, England, Australia and European democracies must unite and fight. This is a war for the very survival of western Judeo-Christian civilization and this is not being overly dramatic. This is the New Crusades and it must be WE WIN.....THEY LOSE.

Marine Le Pen in France and Geert Wilders of Holland have made statements that should they win in their upcoming elections, they will model many of their government policies after the nationalist policies of President Trump and stop the planned immigration insanity of globalists who want to destroy Europe and the entire west with Muslim mobs.  

This is The Trump Effect -- a worldwide confidence of national leaders that freedom, nationalism and faith in God plus the willingness of inspired people to fight creates a power that can and will totally defeat the tyranny of globalism. 

What are you willing to do to stop this evil threat? How inspired and willing to fight are you?  What and how much does freedom matter to you? 

THINK about it America ! 

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