Friday, June 28, 2013


Ask anyone this question and you might get as many different answers as the number of people you ask, but one thing that every thinking American will definitely agree on is the fact that America is in deep trouble and is in dire need of something.

My answer to this question is simply this: America needs more Americans. 

In order for this to really make the most sense as a good answer, we need to correctly define what an “American” really is. So what really is the most important question – “what does America need?” or “what is an American?"

OK, let's start with “what is an American?”  Is being an American simply determined by being born in the USA  or is there more to it?  I believe there is much more to it.

An American is simply someone in love with God-given rights and individual freedom and will do whatever it takes to preserve and defend those rights and freedom. We have been blessed over 200 years with Americans who have been more than willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. What kind of people are we today?  Just like American heroes do we value God-given rights and freedom more than anything?  If needed are we willing without hesitation to make the same sacrifices? 

A person who says “no” is someone we have far too many and need fewer of and a person who says “yes” is an American we have far too few and need many more of. 

An American loves God and is dependable and faithful and trustworthy and is someone that our forefathers and heroes looked into the future and saw and said there is someone who values and understands freedom and is worth the sacrifice of my blood and my life. An American is someone that we today will want as a friend, a neighbor, someone to work with, build with, stand and fight against any evil enemy with, and if necessary make the ultimate sacrifice with.

America was inspired by God and established and preserved by the blood of patriots. Think about it. 

America needs more Americans.

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